Industrial Applications EN

Water treatment is needed in many industrial applications. Requirements for it are really different. Company DETO Brno is ready to design optimized solutions for many production processes. We deliver both individual devices and a complete solutions. In addition to the design and delivery of the equipment,  we also provide installation, regular service, warranty and post-warranty repairs and supplies of water treatment  consumer material such as filter media, operational chemistry products, regeneration salt. Our solutions are characterized by high reliability, complexity and, last but not least, economic efficiency.

DETO Brno offers solutions for:


Průmyslová filtrace vody


Chemical and pharmacy industry

Food industry
Drinkable water treatment
and many other


Water Treatment Solutions for Industrial Processes

Industrial Filtration

Softening of Water for Industrial Purposes

Preparation of Fully Demineralized Water for Industrial Purposes

Sterilization and Disinfection of Water

Dosing of Chemicals into Water Systems

Piping Parts for Heating Systems

Steel  Tanks, Heaters


Contacts us via contact forme-mail or phone with your request for water treatment. We will then contact you to specify the assignment, on the basis of wich we will design a concrete solution.