Water treatment for households

In  households, we often encounter unpleasant phenomena caused by hard water. Waterstone, which is caused by the deposition of calcium and magnesium salts contained in hard water, contaminates water pipes, destroys tap water and other bathroom equipment and kitchens. By placing on the heaters of the washing machines, boilers, dishwashers, kettles or coffee makers, the water heating time increases significantly and thus increases the cost of operating these appliances.

Hard water washing requires higher doses of detergents, dish washing with higher doses of detergents, showering and hard water bath can cause irritation and dry skin.

But not only hard water is troublesome of households. Company DETO Brno can help you in the following areas:

Garden lake

Softening of hard water
Removing of mechanical impurities from water
Removing of iron and manganese from water
Disinfection of water
Water treatment from wells
Rainwater treatment
Reduction of chlorine in household water
Water treatment for home pools
Water treatment for garden ponds
Drinking water treatment
Water treatment for aquarium


Domestic water treatment products



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